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Self Service MLS Listings



List your property on the MLS for $289.00


Fill out the required forms below and submit them to our office along with up to 12 photos and your payment.


Required Listing Forms
MLS Listing Instructions
Limited Service Listing Agreement (Required to list your property)
Residential Listing Information (Required information for the MLS)
Transaction Broker Disclosure (Required by law)
Residential Property Condition Disclosure (Required by law)
Residential Disclaimer (Use this if you have not lived in the property)
Lead Paint Disclosure (Required for property built before 1978)
Required for changes to Listing Agreement
Listing Renewal  (Renew MLS Listings for an addition (4) Months $149 each)
Listing Price Change  (All price changes must be in writing)
Listing Commission Change  (All commission changes must be in writing)
Listing Agreement Release (You may cancel your Listing at any time)
Oklahoma Sales Contracts
Oklahoma Sales Contract Forms are available from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.  Click here to access those forms.
Additional Forms
Compensation Agreement (To be used with Buyers Broker)
Contract Services Agreement (To use our Contract Services)
Closing Services Agreement (To use our Closing Services)
Buyer Information Sheet (Required within 24 hours Contract)
Closing Information Sheet (Required within 24 hours of Closing)
Testimonial Release (Write a short testimonial of your MLS Listing success)
Please read these important information pamphlets before signing
Buyer and Seller Information
Property Condition Disclosure Act  
Broker Relationship Act  
Oklahoma Uniform Contract Information  
Lead Paint Information  


Fax 405-607-6610     Email:  glieber@cox.net


Please contact our office with any questions you may have about your listing. We are available to explain any portions of your listing, contracts, or sales process, according to the terms and condition in the Limited Services Listing Agreement. Vision Realty has NO FURTHER OBLIGATION to service your transaction unless you purchase additional services.  Listings will be posted within about 48 hours after receiving listing documents and payment.  Thank you for your business!



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